Geostorm caused a wave of ridicule and disinterest to wash over the movie when they released a trailer of unbelievable storms, made of CGI effects, lashing and destroying cities all across the world.

Viewers waved it off as a ‘movie that’s making impossible assumptions of natural disasters that can never happen.’ Even though that isn’t very far from the truth, the movie still offers a story that is more than just a number of ‘natural disasters’.

Geostorm started off with a narrative of the events that, although is said to be in the future, is very much real around us at the moment and a lone scientist finds a way to cure the earth of its unpredictable, and human-killing disasters.

The performances by the actors were done well. Gerard Butler, as always, gave an outstanding performance as Jake. A rough, action-first-think-later scientist who easily loses his temper and in-turn losses his job. Jim Sturgess stood true to his role as a top-ranking executive and brother of Jake who shoulders a truth that is much more than he had ever expected while trying all ways to help his brother uncover the truth.

However, in comparison to the actors the plot is pretty pale. Given that, the movie does indeed start with an interesting mix of mysterious elements that makes the viewer curious and definitely attentive. There are questions we wait to see the answers for and more than a movie of disaster it takes us into a plot where the main theme is a web of political corruption. But it all boils down to clichéd reasons and a predictable climax. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

If the story is not what gets you going and its the CGI effects, prepared to be unamused.

The space station scenes might be a bit of a thrill but the main focus, the natural disasters, are nothing but blanched.  It refuses to give the impact that the movie ‘Day After Tomorrow’ did when the cities were destroyed by an icy storm. All Geostorm gives is unnatural looking tsunamis, lightning and heatwaves and none the better.


But what is truly commendable is the diverse choice of actors from Indians to Africans all showing an important and positive role for the progress of the movie. It helps reminds the phobic world today that just because they are of different culture doesn’t mean that they are our enemies.

So overall,  is Geostorm a complete stinker and waste of time? No. You might find yourself entertained to the end but not enough for a re-watch.