In between a busy street, an array of villas, a mini roundabout and an aging Co-operative Society lays the magnificent Wetland of Sharjah. Passing through a security checkpoint you’ll be greeted by a car park in a wide open area and tent like brown structures in the distance. Surrounded by a 4.5 sqkm of nature and a one hour golf-cart ride that takes you through the dense trees that blocks the little bit of sunlight streaming in; in this place you better keep your eyes open because you will be seeing a whole lot of different species of birds in their natural environment and if you are lucky, a couple of deer that would be resting in the shade of the evergreen trees. This is the Sharjah Wasit Wetlands.


Inaugurated on November 2015 by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, this Wetland is the UAE’s latest eco-tourist site located in the Wasit Natural Reserve. With over sixty species of birds and observational sites at particular points in the reserve this wetland is a must visit for bird watchers and outdoor lovers.


The golf-cart ride takes you through an around-the-wetland trip, though the trees and lakes where you won’t be able to tread by feet. It stops over on all the bird-observational points that house the latest gadgets to catch sight of rare bird species in the distance. It also stops over at places where you quietly walk through the wilderness and lets you feel like you are really out there in the wild. Apart from the whole outdoor experience, the Wetlands also have a fun indoor exhibit that protects endangered species of birds from extinction.


The center of attraction is the cafeteria with its own lagoon birds. With a full length glass mirror separating you from them and giving you a spectacular view into their habitat; grab a bite and snack on your food as you observe the enormous pink-back pelicans, herons, adorable ducks and other migratory birds just a length away from the glass.

Wasit Wetlands is a sight to behold for all nature lovers and bird-watchers. There is nothing like the perfect place to bird-watch anywhere else in the Emirate. Take a chance, get up and visit the Wasit Wetlands that will make you gleam in joy.