Fruits, vegetables, flowers, pottery, carpets, and not to mention cafés. It’s no wonder that this place is the mother of all stop overs for anyone heading towards Fujairah. Although ‘Friday Market’ is a quirky name its open all days of the week. Even if you are passing it in the middle of the night there will always be someone to sell you a hot boiled corn in a cold winter’s night or a cold refreshing juice in the midst of summer heat.

Friday Market is a small market located on the Dhaid Road about five km west of Masafi. It’s a popular tourist attraction with stalls that sells toys, souvenirs, carpets, fruits, vegetables, and potted plants. On the other side of the road are cafes that sell refreshments and snacks. Once burned out by a great fire in 2015 Friday Market rose several months later to a booming business again. Being at the focal point on the way to Fujairah and Masafi, the market’s business is still booming to this day.

How the Friday Market came to be is still vague and remains a mystery. Nothing is written down but the oral tradition records which says that decades ago three Emirati farmers would come to the mosque and after Friday prayers they would unload their trucks and sell the produce from their farms at the roadside stalls. This in turn created the market that we come to know today.


Sandwiched in between high mountains, fertile soil and a good amount of rainfall (for the UAE), farmers and locals are able to grow healthy vegetation and this is what they sell in the market. Fruits and vegetables fresher than anywhere else, and a wide variety of thick plants and beautiful flowers.

Opposed to indoor shopping malls with cool air-conditioners, up-beat music and banners and advertisements that would lead someone to buy their items, Friday Market is an open try-taste-and-buy business. While enjoying the cool atmosphere, the chilly breeze, and sometimes rain, customers can taste fruits and vegetables-while sipping their hot coffee – before they are sure to buy it.

On a hot summer day you can just stop over and order the items you want without getting out of your car. The market is designed so you don’t have to step out of the comfort of your own car.

Friday Market is a must visit place if you are heading towards Fujairah. It’s a stop over that provides you with anything you need. Food if you are hungry. Souvenirs, household objects, a mosque and even a gas station if you need to refill the fuel on your car.