Kolo- Circle of Serbia

The Abrasevic Cultural and Art Society – Serbia hosted a show displaying the folklore dance of Serbia, called Kolo, at the Sharjah International Book Fair today. It was performed in the Al Taween Theatre inside the Book Fair were people of all ages came together to see this wonderful dance. It lasted for half an hour where they performed it on two different traditional songs.

The dance was performed by ten dancers, five males and females, that gracefully portrayed the folklore dance.

Kolo is done among a group of people where they hold each other’s hand and waist and dance in a circle (hence the name). There is ideally no movement above the waist. The music is a traditional fast paced music and the dances consists of both men and women. Sometimes the dance can consist of only women or only men.

Kolo maybe performed in two parallel lines, single chain or a closed circle. It is common in South Slavic regions.

By Ameena J Navab


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